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Positions in css || relative || absolute || fixed || sticky || static positions

Position in CSS:   The position property specifies the type of position for our element. There are 5 position styles in CSS: static relative fixed absolute sticky Elements are also then positioned using top, bottom left and right properties which you can use first you need to set a position that works differently according to position type. < body >     < div class = "normal" >        First div     </ div >     < div class = "normal" >        second div     </ div >     < div class = "static" >        div with static position     </ div > </ body > Common CSS: .normal {     width : 300px ;     height : 150px ;     background-color : azure ;     margin : 20px ;     border : 3px solid black ;     padding : 10px ; } Position : static; Html elements position static by default . Top, bottom,right,left properties show no effect on the element.It is positioned div according to the normal flow of the page. .stat

How to format in HTML

How to formatting in the HTML HTML language give tags to the user to format the text used on the web pages.  The tag syntax is the same as for the same tags in HTML. Following are the some tags used on the HTML to format the text. Bold tag :     Used to bold the text. Syntax: <b> Example: <b>bold</b> Output: bold Strong  tag :     Used to show the important words. Syntax: <strong> Example: <strong>strong</strong> Output:   strong italic tag :     Used to show italic style of text. Syntax: <i> Example: <i>bold</i> Output:   bold Emphasized tag :     Used to emphasized the text. Syntax: <em> Example: <em>Emphasized</em> Output: Emphasized Mark tag :     Used to mark the text. Syntax: <mark> Example: <mark>Mark</mark> Output:   Mark       small tag :     Used to smaller text. Syntax: <small> Example: <small>Small</small> Output:    Small del tag :     Used to delete the text. Synta