C program to find the size of variables

 In this example, discuss how to find the size of the variable in c programming language. Following is the code of the problem.



int main() {

    int intvar;

    float floatvar;

    double doublevar;

    char charvar;

    // sizeof is used to find the size of a variable

     printf("Size of char: %zu byte\n", sizeof(charvar));

    printf("Size of int: %zu bytes\n", sizeof(intvar));

    printf("Size of double: %zu bytes\n", sizeof(doublevar));

    printf("Size of float: %zu bytes\n", sizeof(floatvar));



    return 0;



Size of char: 1 byte

Size of int: 4 bytes

Size of double: 8 bytes

Size of float: 4 bytes


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