CSS or CSS3 flexbox


In this article,we will discuss the flexbox in the CSS language.

What is the flexbox?

The flexbox is the layout module for the web pages using rows and column concepts.The items are set according to rows or columns of the flexbox.

Why flexbox use in CSS?

Basically, flexbox is made for designing the layout of a page very easily.The biggest problem is positioning the items on the page,but by using flexbox position the items become very easy .

Following are the reasons of using flexbox layout:

  • Positioning the items.

  • Alignment of items.

  • Dividing the page into different boxes.

  • Get rid of float and positioning properties.

  • Help in the responsive pages.


Before, we take an example: let's discuss the concept of flexbox. This divides the whole page into x-axis or y-axis and makes boxes according to the designer, also arrange items on the x-axis or y-axis.




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